Creating Magic in Digital Spaces



The indie game studio, PlayEveryWare had recently gone full-time and was in need of a brand refresh in time for the Game Developers Conference in 7 weeks. Their current identity was focused on creating games, but they had since changed their focus to specializing in porting games to platforms and conveying confidence in their clients needs. I designed a brand that would met PlayEveryWare’s goals of balancing the professionalism and playfulness of the company by mixing modular design with charismatic elements of joy.


Web Design




When developing the logo the idea of visualizing structure and joy via video game references was expressed. A characteristic sans-serif typeface was chosen to reflect the company’s personality. The type was placed into a supportive infrastructure of blocks that’s width was flexible to the content. The same way PlayEveryWare is flexible with their client’s requests and tricky code. The blocks’ 3D shape represents tactile buttons found in video game menus and the rotated “PLAY” implies movement to reflect the jolt of excitement you experience when playing your favorite games (or when a certain jumpman interacts with a block).

Rethinking The Website

Before I started designing the website I audited their competitor’s websites to avoid pitfalls. A list of common ones were: unorganized information, outdated web graphics and UI, not being mobile responsive, not explaining services right away or at all, dead-end web pages, and cluttered content.

In designing the website we focused on creating clear information on what PlayEveryWare offers and utilizing their client’s video game art as visual focal points via GIFs.


The site I created was built in SquareSpace, for its easy portfolio feature, with custom CSS in the back-end. The need to categorize games with their consoles was expressed, so I created a flexbox solution that the client could plug into any new portfolio page with minimum knowledge of code.

Ivanna Mikityuk

Ivanna is passionate about making magic in digital spaces. Her ability to think on her feet is matched only by her vested interest in the success of every project. Ivanna strives to unite usability and delight in pieces she creates.


  • UX/UI
  • Prototyping
  • Web/Moible Design
  • Visual Design
  • Illustration


  • Adobe CC Suite
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • InVision
  • Procreate


  • UI Designer @F5 Networks
  • UX/UI Designer @Karma
  • Intern @PicoBrew
  • Alumni @Seattle Central
  • More...